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Tulsi Accounting

  • Basic Bookeeping
  • Fast bank reconciliation
  • Budgeting & Milestones
  • Information Security
  • Realtime notifications
  • Custom Invoicing
  • Custom Reports
  • Buyer Rankings
  • Scanned Documents
  • All Other Feature's

Tulsi Fresh
Fixing the food supply chain

Tulsi the plant is belived to be the sacred that purifies, with that same mindset we at Tulsi now believe to fix businesses with better operations, management, accoutning, data analytics, etc; all what have been used by big business all these years to grow.

Tulsi Assistant

You can now work with your team , schedule tasks , watch
your business grow in real-time. , where ever you are.

Tulsi Board

Tulsi now has a new app for android TV, user our app to have your business stats displayed in beautiful reports for team discussions.Control your Tusli board using Tulsi Assistant or Tulsi Desktop.

Tulsi Self-Employeed
Do you manage accounts by yourself ?

Tulsi helps Traders manage there trades right from there phone , you don't need a full fledged accounting system to do business!
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Tulsi Provides a way to hire experienced pool of
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